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about us Sajith DissanayakeSandamini Bandara

Sajith Dissanayake and Sandamini Bandara Dissanayake are the cofounders of this web site and this site is not an affiliate site with Google.com in any means. This is completely a private site.

The idea behind making this website is bit weird. This is the story behind behind it in short. I am the admin of www.techblaster.net and the www.reviewgates.net. Most of the new bloggers always asking him about different tools for website designing and SEO each day on Facebook chat. So it is a headache for me to send all the links again and again. So I decided to make a Link list which can direct them to the required tools for web designing and SEO. After forming this website (accually this page), now I can just send one link to those who are asking on those tools.

My intention is to update this services every month. During update process I'll remove dead links and add more new services to the link list. You can select the tool you want very easily. So don't forget to bookmark this website for future referrences.

I listed almost all the Google services on this website with direct links to that particular services. So you can easily look for the tools in one place. If I missed any tool to mention please notify me by dropping an e-mail to admin@googleinternetservices.com

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