blogger google servicesBlogger Blogging Platform

The world most famous blogging service with latest advanced platform. Brings you the best and easiest platform to develop dynamic websites/blogs. Your can always edit your blog on a great visual platform with Blogger Google service.

Blogger provides free domain and hosting for everyone. Blogger allows you to integrate Google AdSense with your blogger blog and earn revenue from your online content.

Blogger suppot forum is available to clarify your doubts at any time.

Google Sites is a alternetive to blogger which is also provided as a great internet service.

Google Webmaster Central (Updated)

Google webmaster tools is the greatest platform which has been created so far to identify the issues of a particular website/blog. As Google Mentioned all the websites should be align with the Google Webmasters Guidelines.

By using Google Webmaster Central you can check the current status of your website/blog. At the sametime you will be able to get the suggestions to improve your website/blog. It can even integrate with Google analytic. This will allow you to track your visitors accurately.

Download PDF : SEO Starter Guide Google

Google sites google servicesGoogle Sites

Google Sites is one of the another great Google services which resembles blogger. It is primarily made for web developers. Google Sites is a structured wiki and webpage Creation tool offered by Google as a part of the Google Apps Productivity suite.

Google Sites is a free and easy way to create and share webpages with the online community.

This Google service support Google AdSense ads on the pages to provide revenue generating opportunity to all the internet users.


Google Keyword ToolGoogle Keyword Tool (New Version)

Type any word, phrase or sitename related to your niche, and get the best big list of keyword suggestions. It reflect the number of Global searches too with total competitiveness for that particular keyword.

Tool is primarily designed for Google Adwords, but still the webmasters uses this to search for relavent keywords. New version is available.

Google keyword tool tips with video guide

Google adsense serviceGoogle AdSense

Google AdSense is so far the best PPC online money making program on web. Thousands of people are earning a lot of money by using this online money making program. Adsense has a higher CPC rate comparing with other programs.

To sign up with Google adsense you should have a blog/website which complies with all the Webmasters Guidelines and Adsense Policies.

Read Google Adsense Terms and Conditons

Google AnalyticGoogle Analytics

The strongest visitor tracking platform to count hits of a websites. Easy to install, easily integrate with Google Adwords and Google webmasters central.

Count hits with different visitor properties incliding country, teritory demography, language etc. Analyse traffic with new visits, returning visitors, bounce rate, etc.

Very powerful tool to monitor website traffic.

picasa google servicesPicasa Web Albums

This is an another Free service offered by Google. This Google service make the opportunity to host and share images in different formats.

This Google service has a Suppot Forum too. All the Google Terms of Services are applying to picasa as well.

You can even advertise with Picasa Google services: Advertising Guidelines.


Google Trends Timeline Google ServicesGoogle Trends Timeline

Another great Google internet service offered by Google. Trend timeline shows the content what people are more interested on.

You can check trend of your website/blog. And check how people are interested in your keywords. This shows how the interests of people change from time to time.

If you need more advanced researches, then you can always try another great Google service called Google Insight. By using this you will be able to search according to post and categories.

Google adwords logoGoogle Adwords

Google adwords is created for the advertisers. Advertisers can promote their ads through this platform. If you are an advertiser you can make and promote your ads in Audio, Video or Image format. Also you can display your Ads on mobile devices with this Google adwords platform.

It is easy to select ad format by checking "Choose an Ads format" on Google Adwords Help center.

Check more info on Google Adwords at Adwords Help Center.

Google plus Google internet servicesGoogle Plus (Social Network)

Google plus is the latest creation (Social Network)introduced to the internet community by Google. You can share your articles, images and videos on this platform with your friends.

It consists of a chat platform where you can chat with your friend. To promote your business you can even Crearte Business Pages.

Google +1 affects your search engine ranking. Pages consists of more pluses will rank higher on search engines. Google plus support

Add site Google internetAdd To Google

Google Search engine is always scanning for new websites/blogs regularly to index them under correct category. But this process may take sometime to add your website in to Google Search Engine.

So you can use this service to add your site to Google search engine manually. After adding manually, you can use the tool called Verify GoogleBot to ensure the site is indexed on Google.

Read: Google Submit Your Content


Google Chrome Free BrowserGoogle Chrome Free Browser

This is a new technology browser which is faster than all the latest internet browsers. Before select your browser watch the video "Why Google Chrome, not any other" or read their word famous Google Chrome Comic Book.

Upto now Chrome has completed against Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, apple Safari and etc. But over all Google chrome is the fastest browser in web.

The browser is very easy to use with no annoying toolbars.

Google docs internet servicesGoogle Docs

You can create and share all your important work online and access to those documents from anywhere with any device with Google Docs.

This application allow you to Manage Documents, spreadsheets, presentations, surveys, and more all in one place. The essencial topics to read are Overview of Google Docs and Supported file Formats.

You can have any support or help from Google Docs Support Forum

Google Play for android mobilesGoogle Play For Android Mobiles

Google play is the largest android application store on web. This provides Free and Premium apps for all android devices inclusing android mobile phones.

The store distribute Films, Music, Books and Apps for android mobile devices. These can be easily shared with Google Plus social network.

You can directly download Films, Games, Musics and Apps to your PC or android device. Formly store is known as Android Market.

google feedburnerGoogle Feed Burner

By using Feed Burner you can burn your feed and send it to your subscribers once a new post has published. The Feedburner has starter guides seperately for WordPress, Blogger, Typepad, MySpace and Podcasting. Feedburner even track your feed stats.

You can even integrate your Google AdSense (Display ads on feed) account and Google Analytics account with Google Feedburner.

FAQ section of Feedburner has answered most of the questions.

Google Maps Internet ServiceGoogle Maps

A Great service offered by Google Inc. The maps can be used with 100% effectiveness to search driving directions.

The map is generated through satellites and 100% accurate. You can use Google Maps with GPS navigation on your android mobile device while on the go.

You can even create custom maps with this service. Go through Google Map Starter Guide for more details. Google Maps support and Google Map Help Forum will help you in any issue.

Google ScholarGoogle Scholar

Google scholar is a search engine that index the Scholarity Literature. You can even add Google Scholar Search to your site.

Google Scholar allows users to search for digital or physical copies of articles, whether online or in libraries.

Google Scholar Support Page helps you to learn more on Google Scholar internet service. Google Scholar provide special support for publishers

Google TranslatorGoogle Translator

Another Free Google Service where you can translate your content in to different languages.

Either you can use Google translator manually or it can integrate with your website to translate your content automatically.

Google Translator Toolkit is a powerful and easy-to-use editor that helps translators work faster and better.

You can search for anyhelp on Google translator at Support Page.

google servicesOther Google Products

iGoogle will make your Home page within 30 seconds or less. View book text with Book Search. For business Google provide Finance charts. The calendar is another great Google product.

You can build 3D sketches with Google 3D sketchUp. Use Google Groups for mail your group friends.

Use Google News to read whats going on now.

For more Google Services Click Here

Google CodesGoogle Codes

Google Codes is a developers platform including APIs and technical supports.

Here are the Frequently Asked Questions about Google Codes. User support for Google Project hosting.

You can even host and share your projects and codes on Google codes for free.